Facts about Viking Jewelry

Ancient civilizations have thrived on crafting the perfect pieces of jewelry, and so have we. For instance, the Vikings of the past were both raiders and traders. Due to their erratic ventures, they were able to interact with different customs and traditions from across the globe, and that is how Viking jewelry came into existence. 

Antique Viking jewelry pieces happen to be crafted using unique designs that exhibit geometric patterns that are out of this world. Despite their bright designs, Viking jewelry also happens to depict images of animals, nature, or mythological creatures. Remember, Vikings were highly superstitious and every pendant they made symbolized something that was a higher power. see sonsofvikings.com

In principle, Vikings built their jewelry pieces using steel, gold, iron, glass, bones, amber, bronze, pewter, but silver was the most preferred primarily by the rich. Due to the choice of material used, some of the Viking jewelry made in the past still exists to this very day. When you take a look at the modern-day artifacts, you discover that they are the perfect replicas of the original pieces. Just like in the past, the present day Viking jewelry gets handcrafted to give it that ideal and desirable look.

One thing that best describes Vikings is their crude behavior. For centuries, Vikings roamed the planet wreaking havoc. Due to their rudimentary behavior, they very much desired to wear bracelets and pendant that were heavy. Thus, it is common for one to find Viking jewelry that is highly bulky particularly at this time and age.

Viking civilization got divided into two categories, that is the super wealthy and the poor. For both parties, Viking jewelry was a symbol of stature and beauty. However, there were other types of jewelry, like brooches, which had a more practical function. Visit sonsofvikings.com for more

In days gone, Viking jewelry also got used as currency. Remember, Vikings too had coins. However, they at times preferred to barter their pieces of silver, especially when trading for high profile goods. The fact of the matter is that Viking jewelry has always been timeless. That means that you can get yourself a Viking ring or necklace but still feel like you are living in the past. We will never know what truly inspired Vikings to craft their jewelry, but the fact of the matter remains that no single civilization can boast of single-handedly mastering the art of creating jewelry using designs borrowed from all across the globe. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medieval_jewelry