How You Can Know the Best Viking Jewelry

Viking jewelry is also termed as wire wrap jewelry and is one of the oldest methods of making jewelry. Wire wrap jewelry from as old as two thousand BC have been discovered by archaeologists and the technology is even older than that. Most of the ancient cultures used wire wrap techniques, and many of the methods they used are still used currently. Artisans can use metals such as copper, silver, and gold can be put on the wire using simple equipment, but there are some who use bare hands to do this to get the desired results. Artisans find no need for using complicated methods to set stones or beads because the available material, however rough it may be can be wrapped by use of no special tools. Follow this website for more

The artisans can choose the level of complexity which includes weaving in various elements of different materials. Artisans, both ancient and modern use wire wrap techniques to combine bone, fabric, wood, and ceramics to produce beautiful art. The techniques that use glue or soldier to hold materials together are not wire wrapped. The most important feature of wrapped jewelry is that each of the pieces must be unique and each made on its own. You should not use manufactured casting when making the pieces. Most of the times, beads are combined with other materials to make beautiful necklaces, bracelets, and earrings by use of wire. If the wire is not the major design material that has been used and has been used only to hold the beads, then this cannot be termed as wire wrapping. More info

Most of the wire wrapped jewelry have common features. The primary setting of the jewelry should not be a single piece of metal, and if this is the case, it would be an indication it's not a wire but a casting. When you have Viking weave techniques, in most cases it is a continuous wire that has been coiled. At the place where the pendant or earrings are hooked, the same types of wires are used, and not a separate one is used. If a stone is used and not a bead, it will be placed on the back and front of the stone, but if wire wraps are used, prongs will be made out of the wire that is bent. From the above description, there are specific features on how wire wrapped jewelry is made making it a good selection of people who want art that can be worn and that is unique.